February 12, 2019



Traditionally, fashion conscious gals in Sweden have followed a minimalist's style of dress... grays and mauves, white or black tops with black skirts or jeans. Though dressed in blacks, whites and grays she still looks fashionably terrific, as if she could strut down a catwalk oozing with style and pzazz.

As you step off a plane in Stockholm you are immediately hit with how stylish all these Swedes are. These gals have become conscious of style and grace at an early age and have carried it though life, reaching well into their senior years. Year after year, wintertime brings out the darks from their closets; but come summertime splashes of color can be seen popping up all over this island city. The capital city of Stockholm is made up of 14 islands, and over one million people scurry about over interconnecting bridges and waterways.

Changes in daily weather often determine what these smart-looking women will wear. Wind and rain can suddenly appear, often with a blast of cold air or snow. This makes having a flexible wardrobe quite essential. She knows layering  is crucial. She uses light-weight, waterproof outerwear with warmer woolens beneath, unless she knows the day is predicted to be warm from dawn to dusk. It is said there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

Her city is also a walking city, and she owns multiple pairs of comfortable, yet stylish, walking shoes or boots... and every young lady is never without a pair or two of white or colored Converse All-Star sneakers to go with her slim-leg jeans! It is those warm and sunny days that brings out bold combinations of color, and looking good in Stockholm is most important to all Swedish women! Color has also eased into ladies essential undergarments too... leaving those staid whites and pinks far behind.

Brands like Flippa K, Tiger of Sweden, H&M, and of course, Bjorn Borg (of tennis fame) are very cool possessions. Shopping for these ladies is a very special experience. Not all these blonde beauties though can afford these high end  clothiers. There is also a huge market for slightly used clothing in this city. Stockholm is loaded with 2nd hand stores, and they are thriving. Used clothing is a very healthy business to be in. They are wise to feature clean, barely used garments, ready-made for the clever women who can mix and match or alter these almost new items.

Even though blacks and grays are worn mostly throughout winter days, quite often it is the add-on accessories  that bring attention to her. Hats, gloves, purses, even beanies are carefully selected to enhance her chic appearance. Yes, the Swedes have truly set the fashion bar quite high indeed.